The sole purpose of digital PR is to expand visibility and brand awareness, and to spark new conversations about you that can lead to new fans funneling back to your social media accounts or website.

The sole purpose of social media marketing is to engage in conversations with existing and new fans, to build increased loyalty which can ultimately be converted to mailing list sign ups (aka long-term super fans).

Digital PR and social media marketing are only PART of the funnel that will convert ‘fans’ into ‘customers’, and alone don’t have a direct correlation to sales.

More HERE via Ariel Hyatt & Jon Ostrow.

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On September 17, 2014, the hip-hop community lost one of its most enthusiastic, devoted soldiers, Earl Patrick McNease. Known to all of us as Praverb, he was a rapper, DIY marketing expert, blogger, but more importantly, a sincere human being whose mission seemed to involve helping everyone who came across his path. 

Praverb was a great person and a selfless supporter of me, my artists, and the entire music industry. It’s easy to see upon reflection, Praverb was what it looked like to not yet be abused by time and the darker side of this industry. His love of music was pure and that made him an amazing reflection of why so many of us got involved in music in the first place. 

Please consider contributing to the GoFundMe page that was set up to honor his memory and help his family during this very difficult time. Rest In Peace, Praverb

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Hip Hop is self-expression from a generation of urban people who have been overlooked by the masses when it comes to language, art, fashion, music, and thinking. It’s about creating your own version that caters to your thinking and way of life.”

Click HERE for Supastition's latest interview with LyricallyFit.

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Instead of, “do what you love,” perhaps the more effective mantra for the entrepreneur, the linchpin and maker of change might be, “love what you do.”

If we can fall in love with serving people, creating value, solving problems, building valuable connections and doing work that matters, it makes it far more likely we’re going to do important work.

- via Seth Godin
Turn Passion On Its Head

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Don’t Blame Hip-Hop by Hasan Salaam


Blaming Hip-Hop for the problems in and out of our community is some real Stockholm syndrome shit. We are not to blame for the systematic attacks on our people. Long before Kool Herc spun at a party or the world heard ‘Rappers Delight’, the police were killing us in cold blood. From Camden to Watts and Chicago to New Orleans, there have been countless cases of police terrorism and lynchings in this country over the past 500 years. Wearing a SnapBack doesn’t give the police a right to harass and beat you, same as Trayvon wearing a hoodie shouldn’t give predators like Zimmerman a pass to kill a child.

The true problem is that this country built itself and still feeds itself off of Black Death. Hip-Hop music was not there when slaves, attempting to escape, were tied to horses and quartered in front of the entire plantation to strike fear in men, women and children. The music was not there when Emmett Till was snatched from his bed or when the freedom riders were attacked by the side of the road. Rap music didn’t assassinate our leaders based on COINTELPRO documents and the eradication of a possible Black Messiah - the FBI did that. Hip-Hop didn’t create crack cocaine and flood it into Black & Brown neighborhoods, the CIA did that.

Blaming our music ignores the fact that this is nothing new; it has been updated to suit the times, but it’s nothing but Jim Crow 2.0. Hip-Hop is not the problem, in fact it has been a powerful tool to spread the truth about the injustices committed against us here in America since its inception. The system attempts to co-opt it based on the power it has. Hip-Hop has spread all over the world and appealed to all as a music of the counter-culture, a buck back at the system and a rise against oppression. The spirit of our culture is as brave as the Spirituals we sung on the plantation laden with hidden messages leading us from bondage. It’s as genius as Jazz and the flatted 5th’s we played from memory and improvisation while the society that danced to it wouldn’t allow itself believe we had the mental capacity to compose it. Rock & Roll, Doo-Wop, Soul, R&B, House, Go-Go, Hip-Hop and every other musical form we have created in America have been powerful tools in our fight for Freedom, Justice and Equality.
Use it.

-Hasan Salaam
No Justice No Peace

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Tim Westwood TV: Immortal Technique | Hasan Salaam | CF 

Hasan Salaam's 'Life In Black & White' coming this fall via Viper Records!

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Eternia talks gratitude, being present in the moment, and life after hip-hop - you can read more at: The Come Up Show (Interview + Podcast). Thanks to Martin and Chedo for always showing love and support. Photo by Danielle Da Silva.
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Eternia talks gratitude, being present in the moment, and life after hip-hop - you can read more at: The Come Up Show (Interview + Podcast). Thanks to Martin and Chedo for always showing love and support. Photo by Danielle Da Silva.

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Hasan Salaam | ‘Life In Black and White' | Viper Records

Coming Soon…

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Mr. Kam - Immortal Technique Freestlye (BBC Radio)

Immortal Technique x Constant Flow x Hasan Salaam freestyle on BBC Asian Network. Mr. Kam on the beat. Props to Kan D Man & DJ Limelight. Video version HERE.

Source: SoundCloud / Mr.Kam

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The two most effective words to finding balance in your life are “be there!” When you’re at home, be there! When you’re out spending time with friends or family, be there! And when you’re at work, be there, too! Fully engage yourself wherever you are at the moment, because one of life’s most draining and stressful activities is to be one place physically and somewhere else mentally. 

Dave Anderson wrote a great book called, ‘How To Run a Business By THE BOOK: A Biblical Blueprint to Bless Your Business’, order a copy HERE

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