Hasan Salaam

Are you an Artist or a Factory Worker?


'Take away my factories, but leave my people, and soon we will have a new and better factory.' - Andrew Carnegie

The more I speak with people in various industries, the more I get the feeling that some people have not yet gotten the memo that the economy is not changing; it’s changed! The spirit of growth and innovation is so exciting to some and very frightening to others. As many factories have closed, jobs have been outsourced and/or automated, the artist in each of us has the opportunity to leverage our inner passion(s) and create

What you create is entirely up to you, but many of the walls and barriers of entry have been broken down and new and better “factories" have sprung up in its place. The power is in the hands of those who create (artists) & also those who consume (fans) … if you should choose to embrace the opportunity.

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