20 years of celebrating creativity and offering a platform for artists to express themselves as individuals & at the same time, within a tribe of like-minded artists. I salute Danny Castro & Anthony Marshall for their influence on hip-hop, especially the underground scene in NYC. Over the years, Eternia and myself have worked with Danny Castro, who without hesitation has always supported and maintained the focus on talent, skill and a dope live performance. Eternia has blessed stages with many of hip-hop’s true legends and we give thanks to Danny Castro and Lyricist Lounge for those opportunities. Come through this event & you may very well catch another glimpse lol Check the flyer for all the amazing talent that will be blessing the stage.

The Lyricist Lounge 20th Anniversary will continue next month with a show featuring Ghostface & Camp Lo at Prospect Park. Yeah, Ghostface AND Camp Lo, plus more. Be there…and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to catch up with Danny Castro one day soon to discuss Lyricist Lounge’s journey over the last 20 years.

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