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Artists shouldn’t kid themselves that most people give a fuck about them directly. At least not at first. People want what you’ve made, they don’t want you. You have to seduce them into also wanting you. And you can only do that by making more stuff that they want, and hopefully attaching yourself to it in the minds of some small percentage of its fans. This is branding. — Clayton Cubitt

THENEWPRINT: Top 3 Career Advice Tips from Sir Ken Robinson

What are your top three career advice tips?

First, life is not linear. What you’re doing now, or have done in the past, need not determine what you can do next and in the future. 

Second, money is no guarantee of happiness. We all need enough to live and take care of those who depend on us. But research and experience all confirm that there is no direct relationship between wealth and well-being. Happiness, if that’s what you want, is a spiritual state, not a material one. It comes from being fulfilled, having a sense of purpose and feeling authentic.

Third, the greatest obstacles to finding your Element may lie inside you. You may fear other people’s opinions or that you will fail and look foolish. Finding your Element may take courage, but all worthwhile accomplishments do. - more from Sir Ken Robinson.

According to Seth Godin, you don’t need to like new art, but it helps to understand it …

When (part of) your marketplace embraces a ‘new’ that makes no sense to you, it’s essential you understand the point of view that’s leading people to embrace this new idea. No, you don’t have to cheer it on, collect it, support it or pretend you think it’s the greatest breakthrough ever. But yes, you probably need to understand why other people were touched, inspired or found something worth talking about.

Can you explain to me why some people wait in line for that car or that new restaurant? Do you understand why this person is being talked about online or promoted at work? Does it make sense to you that this canvas sells for five times as much as that one?

Denigrating art you don’t understand doesn’t hurt the art—it reveals something about your willingness to learn. - More via Seth Godin

THENEWPRINT: Industry Lesson From Gianna Michaels


Is your content more interesting than porn? Probably not. We are competing with a lot more than other artists or writers when we try to gain attention for our work. Our smart phones offer videos, games, social media, etc - all of which keep us entertained or merely distracted. As we attempt to amplify our messages and make a living in an industry that is seeing pricing move closer and closer to free - I thought it’d be interesting to see what someone in the adult-film industry was doing to capture attention under similar restraints. According to an interview with Gianna Michaels, she had the following to say …

Well, this is the time, because here is the reality check — everyone is going to get free porn. If people are going to get porn everywhere, you’ve got to give them something special. You build a website; offer a more personal experience — give the consumer an extra something — something personalized; some incentive that gets them to follow you and care what happens to you. Some people will be able to do this, and some won’t — I guess we’ll just see in a few years who’s still standing. 

Are you building personal connections? Creating a tribe of followers? Offering something different? Direct-to-fan? Well, this is the time …

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