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How To Make It In Hip Hop Journalism" - an excellent article written by the Editor-In-Chief of HipHopDX, Justin Hunte, aka The Company Man. Do yourself a favor and check it out; it’s full of great advice, insight and a unique perspective on Hip Hop journalism.

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THENEWPRINT: An Insightful Interview with The Company Man


-Excellent interview with my good friend, The Company Man (Editor-in-Chief at HipHopDX). 

"Journalists are no longer competing with just other journalists or publications. We’re now competing with major companies and brands who produce something totally different but have decided to enter the content game because of it’s low cost revenue opportunities. Headphone companies, furniture companies, clothing lines.. everyone is rolling out their own exclusive interviews to help highlight their products. Couple that with every new blog that spawns everyday and the billions of people sharing on social networking sites and suddenly, journalists are competing with everyone with an internet connection."

-For the full interview, click HERE. Follow @TheCompanyMan

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Welcome To The Indie Era ~ The Company Man


In a recent article featured on HipHopDX, The Company Man discusses viable alternatives to the major label system & a new era in Hip-Hop!

“The Indie Era,” designated FuseTV host, Esteban Serrano: “I think that now more so than ever, Independent Hip Hop is taking the front stage. Maybe it’s because labels can’t get it right. Maybe it’s because they’re fighting with the new technology instead of embracing it…It’s a really different world now, and the indie’s are winning because they can be financially wealthy out of their trunk; out of their crib. They can be doing everything on a big level. The Indie’s are the new majors now.”

The Company Man adds, “Anyone with an Apple product essentially has their own DIY artist starter kit. Record, upload, share, and you too can be Soulja Boy. Rather than strictly terrestrial radio airplay and national television exposure, massive followings are regularly amassed through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and however Pinterest works.” — More via TCM at HipHopDX


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10 Excellent Articles from Around the Net - Pt. 1

Remembering Adam “MCA” Yauch via Tanning Of America by The Company Man

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How you deal with fear, in whatever you do for a living, is gonna determine the outcome. If you don’t have fear in what you’re doing, it’s probably something that’s too easy for you to do, right? So, there has to be some level of tension in order to rise above!

from Steve Stoute at SXSW ‘12 (Steve Stoute’s Interview with Nas)